The Dentist

Dr. Sameena Ahmed, DDS, with over two decades of professional experience in providing exceptional dental care. She began her esteemed career in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has extensive experience in all aspects of clinical dentistry, including patient examination, treatment planning, extractions, root canal treatment, scaling, root planning, pedodontics, crowns, bridge preparations, fixed/removable prosthodontics, basic restorative work, and many other technical services.

Furthermore, Dr. Sameena is experienced in cosmetic dentistry techniques such as: teeth whitening, veneers, and gap closing. She holds a certification in endodontics and continuously advances her skills through continuing education.

In conjunction with professional certifications and techniques, Dr. Sameena has excellent interpersonal skills. With a warm and caring demeanor, she ensures a friendly and comfortable environment for oral health needs towards patients of all ages, contributing to patient comfort and relaxation. Dr. Sameena’s personal attributes and professional knowledge inspires patient loyalty, recurring patronage and patient retention. Dr Sameena's unique qualities make her a preferred dentist by children and adult patients alike.

Our Core Values


We will treat every patient with the utmost respect, using effective listening techniques, needs assessment, human compassion, and relationship-building to earn trust. 


We will always act in the best interest of patient health, being honest and ethical, and following professional and organizational codes of conduct. 


We will demonstrate commitment to patient comfort and privacy, adhering to HIPAA confidentiality laws, and providing the highest quality of dental care. 


We will offer effective remedies and solutions, using high-tech treatment equipment and modern professional standards.